LitQuest Policy 2018-2019



- To request registration for a student in a class at LitQuest Academy LLC, parents must complete one of the following options:

A.  Submit a LitQuest Online Registration form.* 

B.  Speak with a staff member via telephone or in person to complete registration.* 

*     After completing Option A or B, parents will receive a Registration Confirmation via email or phone call, after which payment-in full (of which, $130 serves as a non-refundable deposit) must be rendered within seven (7) days  of reception to secure enrollment.

For further questions about the registration process, please refer to our FAQ section.



Deposit Process

Deposits may be paid for by check, cash, PayPal, Venmo, and credit card. Additionally, clients may choose the convenience of online payments. While in-office credit card purchases will generate a default processing fee of 3%, online orders will accrue a fee $8.00.

Payment Procedures

1.       Tuition: Must be paid in full by the end of the second week of a term. Accounts with outstanding balance will not receive processing when requesting registration for future terms.  

2.       Payment Options:  Clients have a choice between three (3) payment options, which must be announced before rendering payment.   If client opts-out of selecting a payment method,                their tuition will defer to the default payment method.

A.      Pay-In-Full (DEFAULT): Client pays complete tuition within seven (7) days from reception of Registration Confirmation email or phone call.

B.     Monthly Cycle:  Client pays half their tuition seven (7) days after reception of Registration Confirmation email or phone call,  and an additional fifty-five percent of tuition by the third week of the same term. 

C.      Weekly Cycle:  Client will pay an adjusted price of one class (13.4% of tuition) per week.  The first payment of $138 is due seven (7) days after reception of Registration                                   Confirmation email, and following payments must be submitted on each scheduled class meeting.

 Payment Methods

LitQuest accepts all forms of payment.  Clients who wish to submit payment via Credit Card will incur a 3% convenience fee.  Payment incentives may be explained in the following:

1.        Check:  Clients who pay by check will not incur any fees when paying tuition in-full.  Clients will incur a fee of 1% when choosing the Monthly Cycle, and 2.5% when opting for the                        Weekly Cycle.

2.       Credit Card: Clients choosing this method will automatically incur a 3% convenience fee for the default payment option.  Clients selecting the Monthly Cycle will incur a 3.7% increase                 in tuition.  Clients selecting the Weekly Cycle will incur a 4.8% increase in tuition.

3.       Cash:  Clients submitting cash payments will not incur any additional fees.


Late Payments

1.        Tuition:  Tuition is due within 14 days after registering, or by the date expressed through an email, whichever is later.  All payments are due no less than three full weeks from the first day of a class.  For example, if your child’s class begins on October 22nd, and no payment has been submitted by October 1st, you surrender your position to the students on the Waiting List for the class.

2.        Late Fees:  *Late fees apply to all payment options*  After the first full week of any session, any unpaid tuition may accrue a $7.28 late fee, stacking another $7.28 per week.   If tuition remains unpaid by the end of the first full week of instruction, a percentage of the cost of the term will be applied to their tuition until paid.  For example, if a client misses a payment for one week, their tuition will incur an increase of $1.4% the cost of one term, adding an increase of 1.4% each week.  At two weeks without payment, the incurred increase rises to $14.56.  The following list details late fees:

  • 1st Week Late: (+$0.00) $7.28

  • 2nd Week Late: (+$7.28) $14.56

  • 3rd Week Late: (+$14.56) $29.12

  • 4th Week Late: (+$21.84) $50.96

  • 5th Week Late: (+$29.12) $80.08

  • 6th Week Late: (+$36.40) $116.48

  • 7th Week Late: (+$43.68) $160.16



LitQuest will honor the refund request that arrives no less than twenty-one (21) days before the term-in-question begins.  For refunds sought less than three weeks before the first day of a term, a credit will be placed on the account in question.*

If LitQuest removes a class for which a client has submitted a deposit or full tuition, LitQuest offer a new class option or private tutoring sessions in place of the prior class. If the client accepts, the deposit will remain non-refundable; if this option is refused, LitQuest will refund the full tuition, including the deposit.

*       Requested refunds apply to the cost of full tuition, not including deposits; all deposits are non-refundable.



5%-20% Discounts

-       Sibling Discount:  A currently enrolled student will receive a discount when his/her sibling joins the program.  The discount is applied to the currently enrolled student, not to both           siblings; if both siblings enroll simultaneously, the discount will only apply to one class, chosen by the parent, defaulting to the older sibling if no choice is made.  If tuition prices vary, LitQuest will discount the class with the greater tuition.

-       Referral Discounts:  Referral discounts are limited to one student, and apply to one term.   When registering online, incoming clients will mention, by name, a referring parent or student in the How Did You Hear About LitQuest Academy section of the "SIGN UP HERE" Registration form.  Upon the students enrollment, the referring family qualifies for a referral discount.  The referring family will receive a 5% reduction in tuition for the current or following session.  If a family refers a total of four (4) or more students who enroll in a given session, they will receive a 15% discount in the following session; at eight (8) or more referred students-per-session enrolled, the referring family's discount will increase to 20% for the following session.

-      VIP Group Organizer Discount:  Group-Organizers may receive a discount of up to 15%, according to the size of the organized VIP Group created.    If the organizer comprises a group of six (7) enrolled students, they will receive a 5% discount.  If they have comprised a group of seven (8) enrolled students, the organizer earns a discount of 15%.  Group Organizer Discounts apply for the first session of a VIP Group, defaulting to 5% for each successive term.

Exclusive Custom Discounts

-       "Ms. Moss Select" Discount:  Ms. Moss reserves the right to give a 5% -- 20% discount on the tuition of any family, for any reason, at any time.


As LitQuest transforms students into competent readers and writers, demand for Ms. Moss increases.  To accommodate this increase in demand, LitQuest reserves the right to arrange students' placement in classes (days, times, and/or grade levels) that, according to Ms. Moss’s expertise, will provide the most inclusive and productive environment for the students enrolled.  Concerning VIP Groups and tutoring sessions, accommodations may still be applicable, but they must be made in accordance with the recommendation of Ms. Moss. While we certainly welcome referrals from currently attending families, they will not guarantee class selection for an incoming family.

Finally, LitQuest is a law-abiding company and reserves the right to refuse service to any patron, at any time, for any reason; a refusal will result in either (a) no charge to the refused party, or (b) a full refund to any and all fees paid in the current (refused) term.  LitQuest is a provider of privileged enrichment, serving supplemental literacy education to students striving for excellence.



Classes begin at the exact time stated on the schedule of any term.  Occasionally, Ms. Moss will wait for the class to fill beyond 50% to begin the class.  Students failing to arrive by the end of the first hour of class will be marked as absent, and parents will need to notify LitQuest to request their homework from the missed class.

 Accommodations for Absences

1.       Prior to registration, parents may inform LitQuest of planned absences by submitting the dates of their absence in the Scheduled Absences section of the "SIGN UP HERE"                                  registration form, and LitQuest will prorate the student’s tuition based on the number of scheduled absences, up to 25% of a scheduled term. 

2.       If a student will be absent on a date not mentioned in the Scheduled Absences section of the "SIGN UP HERE" registration form, parents must inform LitQuest, via email or phone               call, of the absence one (1) day prior to their class start-time (if the class begins on Tuesday at 3:30pm, a notice must be issued by Monday, no later than 11:59pm) in order to receive a _ credit for the missed class.

3.       If a student/parent fails to notify LitQuest of an absence before the first hour of the scheduled class, the client will not receive credit for that class, nor will LitQuest honor                                      their request for a refund.

If a student is absent six (4) hours or more of either a Fall or Winter term, or if they miss eight (8) hours or more during a Spring term, they will not receive a recommendation for specialized classes, and LitQuest may recommend they resign from the current session until their schedule supports their commitment.

For further questions about absences and accommodations, please refer to our FAQ section.




For admittance and continued enrollment in LitQuest courses, students must meet or exceed the following minimum requirements*:

-  Students must fluently speak and comprehend the English language, reading and writing at their actual grade-level.

-  Students garnered a positive reputation in their community, with no disciplinary action from their current primary school.

-  Students demonstrate a propensity to complete assigned tasks in full and on-time.

-  Display a positive and studious attitude, responsive to instructor directions.

- Attend a minimum 75%

*   Accommodations may be considered under instructor discretion.


- Students will receive homework assignments each class meeting, due the following meeting.

- If students choose to complete homework electronically, completed assignments must be sent to their instructor one day prior to their next class meeting.

- When sending homework through email, consider the following guidelines:

  • Google Drive Sharing: When sharing through Google, grant editing permission to instructor’s email

  • Attachments: students may send attachments in the following formats: doc, docx, pdf

Grounds For Removal and Denied Admittance

Students will become subject to immediate removal and subsequent denied access to service from LitQuest Academy if they display the following inappropriate behaviors*:

-  Fighting (verbal, physical)

-  Use of inappropriate language, including, but not limited to: curse words, derogatory language, vulgar language, antagonistic speech

-   Bullying, including, but not limited to: verbal or physical threats, posturing toward any student or staff personnel, invading personal space of a student or staff member

-   Disruptive behavior (any behavior that may inhibit the course of a given lecture or activity, including, but not limited to: jumping, shouting, throwing items, smartphone usage)

-   Failure to participate in discussions, annotation, lectures, homework and/or classwork

- Unauthorized recording of class lectures, LitQuest students, or LitQuest staff

- Excessive absences (missing greater than 30% of a term)

*    The first instance of inappropriate behavior will result in a verbal and/or written warning from the instructor.  The second instance will warrant parental notification--verbal and/or written.  Upon the third instance of inappropriate behavior, student becomes subject to expulsion without any refund(s).