Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  My child needs help with their reading and writing, but I don't want to place them in a class.  Do you offer private tutoring sessions?

A:  Generally, LitQuest offers classes that seat no more than eight (8) students.  Should parents prefer to attain one-to-one sessions with Ms. Moss, their best recourse would lie in seeking a a company that specializes in private tutoring.

Q: Do you offer make-up classes?

A: As LitQuest serves a large community of students and parents, we do not offer any make-up classes; however, we have a host of accommodations for students who fail to attend a class meeting, listed in our LitQuest Policy.

Q:  How do I sign my child up for classes?

 A:  By clicking  a term from the navigation bar (i.e. "FALL 2019") your browser will navigate to a page displaying the schedule for that term, containing an Online Registration Form beneath the schedule; inputting the requested information will submit a registration request for your student in class you select.  You may also register in person or via telephone during operational hours.

Q:  If I register for classes, does that make my child's place secure in the class?

 A:  When you register for LitQuest courses (not including summer programming) online, by phone, or in person, you will receive Registration Confirmation email or phone call.  By delivering a deposit within fourteen (14) calendar days of registering, your child's place in the class is secure.

Q:  If I already signed up and paid for my class, but I find out later that my child can't make some of the meetings, will you offer a refund?

 A:  LitQuest will prorate any expected absences (up to 25% of a term).  Absences not accounted for in an invoice will be credited back to your "account".  This "account" will remain active for a calendar year, allowing you to apply the credit to any class in any term of your choice.  Refunds must be sought no less than 21 days before a term begins.

Q:  Someone told me to expect an email from LitQuest, but I never saw it, even after checking my email for a few days.  What happened?

 A: Often, LitQuest will send courtesy emails to currently enrolled families, priority registration members, and Private Groups; as a result, our email may reach your 'spam' box.   Add our customer service email address ( to your list of trusted senders, and our email messages will reach your inbox.  If that solution fails, you may request a duplicate by emailing or calling 949-572-8379.

Q:  Why is the Deposit included in the Tuition?

 A:  LitQuest is committed to the literary progress of your children; our process insures commitment to the success of our students.  Full tuition is required in order to enroll a student in a course.  The non-refundable deposit ($125) allows parents to secure placement in a class before a term begins.

Q:  Can I pay the full tuition instead of paying the deposit?

A:  Yes, parents may submit full tuition in lieu of the deposit.  Paying this way will prevent the possibility of incurring any fees.

 Q: How many students do I need on a roster to apply for a VIP Group?

A: In order to process requests for VIP Group, submissions must contain a minimum of eight (8) students.

 Q: May child is very advanced, reading and writing beyond their grade-level. Will you allow placement for them in a class reserved for higher grade levels?

A: While we appreciate the perseverance of all students who excel, students who are not in the grade level listed for the class will not gain admittance.